Mazes, in collaboration with
Andrei Thomaz

When a page becomes a maze


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The first work of the project When a Page Becomes a Maze shows one of the pages from the book 'The Language of New Media', by Lev Manovich, through which several small circles move. Each circle is accompanied by a sound in loop whose duration corresponds to the duration of the movements of each circle (each circle has its own animation length). As the circles keep coming, new loops of sound start to be executed, and the result becomes more complex. This result is never constant because, as the loops have different durations, there is no possibility to occur any loop which could be recognizable by the user.

2010 - JavaMuseum 2010 – Celebrate!
2006 - Exhibition: Fiat Mostra Brasil - São Paulo
2004 -

When a web page becomes a maze


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Intervention on the web site of Fundação Ecarta during the exhibition Destino: Porto Alegre, in 2006.

In this project the sounds are downloaded little by little, according to the speed of the internet connection. Some of the sounds are played randomly, but this does not affect the overall form of the composition.