Leaflet War, ongoing

Photo: Aoife Giles


I Hate You
Jag Hatar Dig
Thinking of you makes me cum when I masturbate

During most wars since the invention of airplanes, leaflets have been dropped into the enemy's territory. Its function is merely psychological, aiming to convince the enemy of the benefits of surrendering or trying to shatter their confidence through debasing misinformation.

In A Pile of Hate, little business cards were left on a table among some brochures during a conference in Gothenburg. In very small letters it read I hate you.

[...] violence can escape above and below the modern judicial system, at the micro and macro level, at the level of the interpersonal and the geopolitical, where being, ego, personal and national, are decided as of old.

— William A. Johnsen, in Violence and Modernism (2003)

Below, one card with the Swedish version of I hate you and another with the most invasive-viral-obscene sentence I could come up with (there must be more of those!). These two were spread around at different occasions: