List of Compositions

Sunrise on Pluto

[7,5'] [2019]
recorder orchestra
for the Stuttgarter Blockflötenorchester


[4,5'] [2011]
four-hands piano

Heavenly Bodies

[6'] [2009]
piano solo
for the video Heavenly Bodies by Marika Orenius

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A Noiva e o Violinista

[3'] [2006]
solo violin
Composed for the film with the same title.
Directed by Vicente Moreno, Denny Chang, Moisés Westphalen
Violin: Luciano dos Reis


[6'] [2005]
recorder, harpsichord/piano, cello
First performance 9 Aug 2005, Goethe Institut, Porto Alegre
Luciane Cuervo, recorder / Marlise Goidanich, cello
/ Felipe Adami, harpsichord


[9'] [2004]
flute, clarinet, percussion (4 tom-toms + susp. cymbal),
piano, violin, cello

Terra Gelada

[20'] [2004]
4 movements
four-hands piano
First performance at Auditorium Tasso Corrêa, Jan 2004, Porto Alegre
Richard Kümmel Lipke and Martin Heuser

The first movement was used as soundtrack for the short film Inundações, by Letícia Ramos


piano solo
Composed for the film The Pleasure of Silence
Recorded by Martin Heuser

Trio #2

4 movements
clarinet, cello, piano
First performance 16 Nov 2003, Sala Cecília Meireles, Rio de Janeiro
Lena Verani, clarinet / Mateus Cecato, cello / Priscila Bomfim, piano
(XV Biennial of Brazilian Contemporary Music)

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Desvendando a Luz

[5'] [2002]
for five recorders
Recorded on the CD 'Octoeólio' in 2006 by the group: Cristina Laidmer,
Eliandra Solivo, Karin Sporket, Keliezy Severo, Mônica Tauchert.
coordinated by Luciane Cuervo

Sheet music is available from Edition Tre Fontane - Germany

Check out the section Music Samples to listen.

Trio #1

[9'] [2002]
flute, violin, piano

Piano Sonata

[14'] [2001]
I – Allegro
II – Andante
III – Presto
First performance 4 Sep 2002, Auditorium Tasso Corrêa,
Arts Institute (UFRGS), Porto Alegre
Rafael Costa de Souza, piano

Three pieces for the recorder and piano

[5'] [2001]
I - Gargoyles / Gárgulas
II - Metopes / Métopas
III - Domes / Cúpulas
First performance 19 Oct 2002, Public Library of Porto Alegre
Luciane Cuervo, recorder / Felipe Adami, piano
Rec. CD Love and Death Sonnets / Sonetos de Amor e Morte

Five pieces for the violin and piano

First Performance 18 May 2000, Auditorium Tasso Corrêa,
Arts Institute (UFRGS), Porto Alegre
Luiz Felipe Damiani, violin / Sandra Mohr, piano


piano solo


mixed choir
Lyrics by Carla Bavaresco

Circo dos Horrores

four-hands piano
First Performance 8 Nov 2000, Planetarium, Porto Alegre
Felipe Adami and Martin Heuser, four-hands piano

Two pieces for the oscillator and piano

First performance 16 Nov 1999
Tiago Oliveira, oscillator / Martin Heuser, piano

Massacre e Fuga

[2'] [1998]
clarinet and piano
First Performance 30 Jul 1998, Montenegro
Arthur Martins, clarinet /Martin Heuser, piano

Three piano pieces

- Prelude / Prelúdio
- Gathering Waterlilies / Colhendo Nenúfares
- March / Marcha
First Performance 16 Nov 1999
Sandra Mohr, piano