Império da Felicidade Eterna

/ Realm of Eternal Happiness

Exhibition with Diones Camargo. June 12-July 8, 2012. La Photo Galeria e Espaço Cultural. Porto Alegre - Brazil.

Introductory text by Marcelo de Andrade Pereira
pdf format / Portuguese only

Works exhibited: Disgusting, Delicious Cake, O Triunfo do Esquecimento, Golden Shower, Everybody's Happy Nowadays, The Land of Eternal Happiness, and others.

TV interview with Martin Heuser and Diones Camargo about the exhibition, in Portuguese without captions

Disgusting[2012] is a work in collaboration with Diones Camargo
Killing the Pop Machine [2012] (the work with the axe) is a work by Diones Camargo

Delicious Cake (2011), Video + Text Delicious Cake (2011), Video + Text Delicious Cake (2011), Video + Text Everybodys Happy Nowadays (2008) A Terra da Felicidade Eterna (2010) Disgusting (2012) Disgusting (2012) Disgusting (2012) Disgusting (2012) The Triumph of Oblivion (2012) Golden Shower (2009) Golden Shower (2009) Killing the Pop Machine (2012) Killing the Pop Machine (2012)