Vi är Neutrala!

with Véronique Malo (Canada)

[2009] Intervention at the Spring Exhibition of Valand School of Fine Arts. Gothenburg - Sweden.

A megaphone was installed high up on a wall facing the backyard of Valand School of Fine Arts (Sweden) during the whole duration of its Spring Exhibition. Every four minutes the sentence "Vi är neutrala!" ('We are neutral!', in Swedish) was reproduced with an authoritarian sounding male voice. The neutrality we refer to is a comment on the prevailing belief in a Swedish neutrality and also on the violent indifference discussed by French sociologist Jean Baudrillard in his essay The Violence of Indifference.

The project was installed without permission from the Swedish art school; however, neither Martin Heuser nor Véronique Malo were asked for its removal.

Mårten Bergkvist kindly gave us his voice.